Saturday, March 9, 2013

March is coming in like a Lion!!!

Happy March everyone!

It seems as though March is coming in like a lion in Denver!  Last Sunday we had a blizzard and again today! Oh my! I guess it should be expected since March is one of our snowiest months.  Last week the snow was light and fluffy but today it's a heavy wet snow and was weighing down our tree limbs. So, I got out there and shook them off.  I got an face full of snow at times and just laughed!  Above are some "before and after" pics of the bulky snow.  It's still coming down, so a nice day to stay in!
I call this "the mountain that I created!"  Ha!

 Zoe just got groomed yesterday but her lack of hair didn't stop her from frolicking around the backyard!  She's definitely a snow pup!  It's so much fun to watch her racing around & sticking her nose in the snow!

 Denver is celebrating 5280 Restaurant Week right now and we've enjoyed 2 wonderful dinners out; Panzano's & The Keg ~ Delicious!!!  You get two spectacular meals for $52.80!!! I LOVE that they have this during my Birthday!  Thanks to the Mile High City! Tonight we have reservations at Ocean Prime with all 4 of us and some friends but not sure if we'll have to cancel or not due to extreme weather.  The news people advise against going out.  

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend!

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