Friday, May 31, 2013

End of May, Hello June!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!
I spent a Fantastic two days with my Fabulous family in West Des Moines, Iowa; Mom, Cousin Nancy and my sis, Chris!  Love, Love, Love them to pieces!!!
Also Love my Fabulous Middle School/High School BFF's!  So much fun to get together at my Mom's house and catch up with each other!!!
It was great to have our hubbies, Ben & Jeff there too!  Boo Boo Be Do and Zoe too!  Ha!
Can't forget to mention my Super Fun, Super Cool cousin, Kelly (Nancy's daughter)!  
Mom, Zoe & I Totally LOVE her!!!
The most important day was driving to Grand River, Iowa with my Mom & Sister to visit the cemetary where my Dad, Step Dad, Grandparents and Aunt & Uncles among others were buried.  I don't think a day goes by without thinking of my Dad and wishing he was still here!
Rest in peace Dad.  You are greatly Loved!
Rest in peace Jack.  You were a great Step Dad and wonderful Grandfather to my boys!
 Grandpa Henry, You were terrific and I love you very much!
Grandma & Grandpa Evans, you were the best and I miss & love you very much!
 It was a very memorable Memorial Day filled with much love!  OK, we're ready for June. . . .

Enjoy your day, month, year!!!

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  1. Great pictures. You and your mom and sister look fantastic. Ben looks good too :)


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