Friday, May 31, 2013

End of May, Hello June!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!
I spent a Fantastic two days with my Fabulous family in West Des Moines, Iowa; Mom, Cousin Nancy and my sis, Chris!  Love, Love, Love them to pieces!!!
Also Love my Fabulous Middle School/High School BFF's!  So much fun to get together at my Mom's house and catch up with each other!!!
It was great to have our hubbies, Ben & Jeff there too!  Boo Boo Be Do and Zoe too!  Ha!
Can't forget to mention my Super Fun, Super Cool cousin, Kelly (Nancy's daughter)!  
Mom, Zoe & I Totally LOVE her!!!
The most important day was driving to Grand River, Iowa with my Mom & Sister to visit the cemetary where my Dad, Step Dad, Grandparents and Aunt & Uncles among others were buried.  I don't think a day goes by without thinking of my Dad and wishing he was still here!
Rest in peace Dad.  You are greatly Loved!
Rest in peace Jack.  You were a great Step Dad and wonderful Grandfather to my boys!
 Grandpa Henry, You were terrific and I love you very much!
Grandma & Grandpa Evans, you were the best and I miss & love you very much!
 It was a very memorable Memorial Day filled with much love!  OK, we're ready for June. . . .

Enjoy your day, month, year!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy May, Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Monday on this beautiful May Day!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day!  I sure did!  Ben & the boys treated me to a spectacular lobster, scalloped sweet potato dish & asparagus meal!  Wow!  It doesn't get much better than this . . .

Wes & Grant fill my life with so much joy!  I'm so proud of both of them and love them soooo much!!!
 Zoe & Grant have become special buds!  They make each other so happy!
 Zoe loves it when Wes comes home for a visit, but loves waking him up from a nap even more!!! Ha!
I love my little puppy, Zoe!!!
 Ben & Grant were wonderful chefs!  Great job guys!  Super Yummy!
 A lovely May day in Colorado on this Mother's Day with a delicious meal!
Sooooo Good!!!
The boys got in a few ping pong games then we all watched "Game of Thrones".  Perfect Day with my guys & pup!
Have a Great Day & Week ahead!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun & Friendship in the Caribbean!!!

Happy upcoming weekend to everyone!!!
I hope all of you are enjoying a Happy Friday and anticipating a wonderful weekend ahead!  The news of the Boston tragedy are frightening.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all!  In the meantime, Ben & I continue keeping up with word from home but also enjoy this lovely paradise!  Yesterday, we took a break from the major sun rays from the beach and strolled around the capital city, Gustavia, St Barths.  The marina is filled with everything from small to large boat/yachts.  Very pretty!
Just a short walk through town is a beautiful beach called Shell Beach.  Over the years it has changed a bit.  It used to be covered with millions of shells.  Today, we saw sand over the lovely shells but it was still very tranquil and sweet.  Ahhh!  On our walk here we heard the school children in their class room and thought "Wow! what a wonderful place to learn and grow up"  But of course, growing up in Iowa was pretty amazing and I think our boys would agree that growing up in Colorado was equally amazing too!
Our wonderful friends, Peggy & Dave, ended our day with a spectacular meal at their gorgeous villa!  Peggy & I were reenacting a picture the guys took of us a while ago when we shared a villa in St Martin wearing these matching tops in hot pink & blue, ha!
Life continues to be delightful here on the island of St Barths!  I hope your life is good as well!

Sending love, sunshine and happiness your way . . .

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

St Barths = Heaven on Earth!!!

Happy April everyone!

First of all, I have to say with a heavy heart how saddened I was to hear about the Boston tragedy.  Even though we are out of the country on vacation, we still try to keep up with what's happening in our home land.  Very, very sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the bombing.
What's seems like our "annual hike" to Colombier Beach on the lovely island of St Barths!  After a steep decent through a narrow rocky path, we arrived at this . . .

I always like to take a foot shot, a must! Total relaxation, ahhhhhhh!!!

Once we'd had enough of the wonderful sun and calm water, it was time to put on our hiking and shoes and head back.  It was quite windy so I had to hold tight on my new hat!

We ended our day with a fun evening spent with our good friends, Peggy & Dave!  Ben made them a delicious tarragon chicken dish and I set a lovely table and got together all the appetizers, veggies and dessert.  Our guys like to enjoy a cigar and being silly!   Peggy & I were teasing with our look alike cigars (actual breadsticks), ha!
Take care . . .

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spectacular Spring Visit with Sis!!!

Happy Spring everyone!
We just had a spectacular Spring Break visit with my sister Chris and her hubby!  Margarita's were a must!  Yummy!  Great fun had by all!  Spring is in the air and temps here in Denver are a comfortable 70 ish degrees!  Lovely!
I was thrilled that my boys, Wes & Grant joined us for dinner!  Zoe was her typical silly self!
Nice snuggle time!  Great smiles!  Happy, Happy!
Zoe had to show off her cute pink hooded jacket, ha!
I just turned around from writing this blog message and this is what I found!  Zoe had fun ripping the stuffing out of her teddy bear!  Good grief!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

March is coming in like a Lion!!!

Happy March everyone!

It seems as though March is coming in like a lion in Denver!  Last Sunday we had a blizzard and again today! Oh my! I guess it should be expected since March is one of our snowiest months.  Last week the snow was light and fluffy but today it's a heavy wet snow and was weighing down our tree limbs. So, I got out there and shook them off.  I got an face full of snow at times and just laughed!  Above are some "before and after" pics of the bulky snow.  It's still coming down, so a nice day to stay in!
I call this "the mountain that I created!"  Ha!

 Zoe just got groomed yesterday but her lack of hair didn't stop her from frolicking around the backyard!  She's definitely a snow pup!  It's so much fun to watch her racing around & sticking her nose in the snow!

 Denver is celebrating 5280 Restaurant Week right now and we've enjoyed 2 wonderful dinners out; Panzano's & The Keg ~ Delicious!!!  You get two spectacular meals for $52.80!!! I LOVE that they have this during my Birthday!  Thanks to the Mile High City! Tonight we have reservations at Ocean Prime with all 4 of us and some friends but not sure if we'll have to cancel or not due to extreme weather.  The news people advise against going out.  

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Blizzard!!!

Happy February Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely month of February!  We in Littleton/Denver are having a snow day! OK, you could call it a Blizzard!  At least a foot or more of snow and it's still coming down.  I shoveled the back deck and within minutes it's time to shovel again, whew!  I'll count that as my exercise for the day!  Grant had to shovel his car out this morning to get to work. 
Oh my!


Zoe refused to wear her coat today but I found this picture of her from a month ago or so. Cute, huh?!?!  She can wiggle out of the coat in record time!  Not only is it cute but it helps me find her better in the snow! Oh well, I guess I have to wait till she's in the mood to be fashionable and warm, ha!
 It's a beautiful day to stay inside and watch the white fluffy snowflakes coming down! My home office is coming together with my new desk, draperies and relaxing chair.  I love it!  I ordered the Whitney Desk from Pottery Barn and I guess they were just telling me what I wanted to hear, "it will be 7-10 days", when in reality it took an entire month!  It was definitely worth the wait!  Very nice look and lots of storage space.  It's now a very pleasant home office space that we all enjoy! 

I love looking at all the beautiful spaces on and getting wonderful ideas!  Home improvements are endless and now I'm into purchasing new lighting from the lighting showroom where I work.  Very exciting!  I'll add new pictures of our latest purchases soon.  Accessories are also a favorite of mine, whether it's pillows, vases, artwork or picture frames. Hopefully we'll put in crown molding some day soon!  That's such a nice look and really completes a room.
Zoe is definitely a snow pup!  She loves it and romps around the back yard, super happy!  I Love it!

Have a fun day filled with happiness!

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