Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun & Friendship in the Caribbean!!!

Happy upcoming weekend to everyone!!!
I hope all of you are enjoying a Happy Friday and anticipating a wonderful weekend ahead!  The news of the Boston tragedy are frightening.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all!  In the meantime, Ben & I continue keeping up with word from home but also enjoy this lovely paradise!  Yesterday, we took a break from the major sun rays from the beach and strolled around the capital city, Gustavia, St Barths.  The marina is filled with everything from small to large boat/yachts.  Very pretty!
Just a short walk through town is a beautiful beach called Shell Beach.  Over the years it has changed a bit.  It used to be covered with millions of shells.  Today, we saw sand over the lovely shells but it was still very tranquil and sweet.  Ahhh!  On our walk here we heard the school children in their class room and thought "Wow! what a wonderful place to learn and grow up"  But of course, growing up in Iowa was pretty amazing and I think our boys would agree that growing up in Colorado was equally amazing too!
Our wonderful friends, Peggy & Dave, ended our day with a spectacular meal at their gorgeous villa!  Peggy & I were reenacting a picture the guys took of us a while ago when we shared a villa in St Martin wearing these matching tops in hot pink & blue, ha!
Life continues to be delightful here on the island of St Barths!  I hope your life is good as well!

Sending love, sunshine and happiness your way . . .

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