Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Blizzard!!!

Happy February Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely month of February!  We in Littleton/Denver are having a snow day! OK, you could call it a Blizzard!  At least a foot or more of snow and it's still coming down.  I shoveled the back deck and within minutes it's time to shovel again, whew!  I'll count that as my exercise for the day!  Grant had to shovel his car out this morning to get to work. 
Oh my!


Zoe refused to wear her coat today but I found this picture of her from a month ago or so. Cute, huh?!?!  She can wiggle out of the coat in record time!  Not only is it cute but it helps me find her better in the snow! Oh well, I guess I have to wait till she's in the mood to be fashionable and warm, ha!
 It's a beautiful day to stay inside and watch the white fluffy snowflakes coming down! My home office is coming together with my new desk, draperies and relaxing chair.  I love it!  I ordered the Whitney Desk from Pottery Barn and I guess they were just telling me what I wanted to hear, "it will be 7-10 days", when in reality it took an entire month!  It was definitely worth the wait!  Very nice look and lots of storage space.  It's now a very pleasant home office space that we all enjoy! 

I love looking at all the beautiful spaces on and getting wonderful ideas!  Home improvements are endless and now I'm into purchasing new lighting from the lighting showroom where I work.  Very exciting!  I'll add new pictures of our latest purchases soon.  Accessories are also a favorite of mine, whether it's pillows, vases, artwork or picture frames. Hopefully we'll put in crown molding some day soon!  That's such a nice look and really completes a room.
Zoe is definitely a snow pup!  She loves it and romps around the back yard, super happy!  I Love it!

Have a fun day filled with happiness!

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