Saturday, March 26, 2011

Places in the Sun!!!

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear,

"Places in sun" are a Favorite of ours!!! Actually, we live in a Sunny Place with Beautiful Mountains but no Beach. It's those Sunny Beach locations that we owe kudos to for inspiring us to create Mosquito Beachwear!
The Cinque Terra hike in Italy is spectaular! One of our favs and a must for Mosquito Beachwear!
Ibiza, Spain is another gorgeous spot in the sun!
Riviera Maya, Mexico is a wonderful place in the sun and became our stepping stone for creating the need for Mosquito Beachwear!
St Martin/St Barts are probably our Favorite "Places in the Sun" and we definitely wear our Mosquito Beachwear there!

Have a great day!!!

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