Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy places!!!

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear,

I just came across this fun article: Four Happy Places!!! Here are the highlights . . .
Lesson from Denmark: Cultivate Quality Time. More income, as it turns out, doesn’t always mean a better life. Once the necessities are covered, time is best spent doing the things most likely to cultivate authentic happiness, like visiting with friends or working in the garden. Buettner’s Danish sources agree that their overall happiness is largely due to balanced schedules and varied social activities.
Lesson from Singapore: Give Security Its Due. “Unless we feel safe and secure, we can’t pursue the other aspects of living that give rise to genuine happiness: family, relationships and spiritual groundedness.” “Pay down your mortgage and pay off your car loan,”
Lesson from Nuevo León: Have Some Faith. Of all the lessons about happiness to be learned from Nuevo León, the importance of devoting time to family, friends and faith is key.
Lesson from San Luis Obispo: Live Close to Your Work. When your drive is short, or you walk or bike home — enjoying the breeze and waving to neighbors — you’re more likely to feel ready for anything.

We at Mosquito Beachwear think protecting your skin against mosquito bites while wearing our clothing also creates happiness!!! Why not look good without spraying tons of DEET all over your body?!?!

Have a Happy Day!!!

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