Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lots of Mosquitoes! Protect Yourself!!!

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear,

I've been coming across many articles about mosquitoes lately and hope to get the word out that our Mosquito Beachwear can really add an extra layer of protection, plus look good!!!

The lastest article I'd like to share is: "Lots of Mosquitoes, Less Money To Fight Them,State Entomologist Says Snowy Winter, Rainy Spring A Bad Combo"

The two viruses of concern right now are West Nile and EEE. Here is a small blurb from the article: West Nile-carrying mosquitoes are usually found in urban and suburban areas. EEE-transmitting mosquitoes gravitate toward marshes, swamps and other large bodies of still waters, especially in the eastern part of the state. Of the two diseases, West Nile is the more common, but EEE is more deadly.

The article states it's concerns and makes a point of how it's important to constantly monitor mosquito activity, I will continue to follow up on any information I can find on mosquitoes to pass along to you!

Have a safe, wonderful day!!!

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