Friday, August 19, 2011

Help vs. Hovering!!!

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear,

I wouldn't call myself a 100% helicopter parent but I wonder if I'm doing TOO much for my boys and harming their quest for independence?!?   My husband and I have recently stepped right in to help both of them move, which (it appears) they desperately needed! Ha!  We've always encouraged them to grow up, be independent and take responsibility for their own lives.  AND now it's time to let them go spread their wings and fly . . .

I just came across this: "Confessions of a Helicopter Parent" I specifically liked this segment: "This involvement with our children seems right to us. Isn't this what good parenting is supposed to be, we ask? But is it healthy? Shouldn't our children be taking more responsibility for their own lives? Shouldn't we recognize that encountering obstacles and overcoming them is often a valuable learning experience? And shouldn't we back off and find something else to fill our days (and our 'need to be needed')? After all, most of us can expect to live at least 20 years past the time our youngest child has left the nest."

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Have a Fantastic Day!!!

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