Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Grooming!!!

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear,

Happy Sunday! 

I hope you are all enjoying a great weekend.  We had a fun get together with our closest friends Friday night and celebrated Western Welcome Week in Littleton!  Today was Zoe's first trip to the groomer and she did great!  We found a wonderful place close to home called Laund-Ur Mutt. Needless to say, these first time experiences leave her wiped out and she's sleeping under my chair as I write this, ha!  As you can see in her before pic, she's a shaggy pup who could barely see through her hair, ha!  Oh, she found one of my stuffed wolves from my interior design days (a gift from Wolf Gordon Wallcovering) and just loves it!  Ha!
She's sporting a cute bandana and this angle makes her head look much bigger than her body but in person she looks proportional, ha!  Sweet little Zoe!  We like her shaggy look a lot but really wanted her to be able to see!  All is good now!  Well, we better sign off and get ready for the upcoming week.  If you're in need of any beachwear, please take a look at our website:

Have an Amazing Day and Upcoming Week!!!

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