Sunday, August 5, 2012

Enjoy the Great Outdoors!!!

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear,

Enjoy the Great Outdoors this weekend and take a breath of fresh air!  That's what I'm trying to do and relax a bit! 
Zoe found a nice, cool shady spot to enjoy the great outdoors today!  She also found some dirt & water to play in earlier this morning, sooooo she got a nice bath and looks all clean, fluffy and beautiful!
She is quite the adventurous pup, frolicking through the flowers and finding escape routes in our fence, ha!  She keeps us busy providing a safe, secure backyard to enjoy!  Ben has been frequenting Home Depot for fence fix it stuff, ha!  We took her on her first overnight trip this weekend to Boulder.  Residence Inn is a great, friendly, comfortable place and is pet friendly! Here is their link if you're ever looking for the perfect place in Boulder. We enjoyed spending time with our son, Grant, and Zoe was pooped after walking around the fun & happening Pearl Street Mall (which we found out doesn't allow dogs, oops! I held her most the time and she's so little it wasn't a big deal, whew!).  Alway a good time in Boulder!  We love it! 

Yesterday we enjoyed the great outdoors watching our older son, Wes, play in a tennis tournament at the simple yet beautifully laid out Holly Tennis Center.  He and his partner won and his team is doing very well!  Yeah!  It's been a fun weekend and I hope it has been for all of you too!  I did encounter a few mosquitoes in Boulder so if any of you need mosquito resistant clothing, take a look at our website:

Have a Happy Day Outdoors!!!

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