Friday, December 21, 2012

2nd Puppy Play Date!!!

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear,

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this blog lately!  First of all, it's a Very Busy but Very Fun time of year!  Second, the news lately has gotten me down a bit TILL today. I had something wonderful to make me smile and laugh again!  Zoe & Ollie had their 2nd play date!!!

So much fun!  We had fresh snow in the back yard which provided a lot of play time for the pups!  Once I finally got them back inside, it took me 1/2 hour or more to dry them off with a hair dryer.  Oh my!  They each had balls of frozen snow on their legs/paws and tummies.  Thank goodness they were both very cooperative and let me get them back to their fluffy selves, ha!
Side by side, running & racing around and around.  Soooo CUTE!!! 
Whew, it wore me out just watching them, ha! 
  They even got the backyard neighbor's dog to join in the fun!

They were so hungry when they got back inside.  Gobbling the food side by side!  Cute!
Needless to say, I really think they like each other! 
Have a Very Happy Holiday Season!
I'll be back to share Christmas Photo's!  Can't wait to have all of us together again!
Thanks to all who purchase Mosquito Beachwear this year!  We hope you're happy with it and spread the word. 
Merry Christmas to All!!!

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