Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 2 of Mosquito Beachwear Blog ~ Dreaming of the Beach!!!

First I have to say our heart goes out to Japan after the gigantic Tsunami. They will be in our thoughts & prayers along with Hawaii and the West Coast of the US. Very frightening!

This new blog has me so excited, I found it hard to get to sleep last night! It was almost comical . . . Tons of things going through my mind and I couldn't get them to stop! I was even talking out loud(softly), sorry hubby!
1st thought: reciting over & over what I would write in this blog?!?!?
2nd thought: should I get up and cut & sew the great new pant style I need to get started on for Mosquito Beachwear?!?!?!?
3rd thought: should I get up and finish the gorgeous orange knit scarf for my etsy?!?!?
And on & on . . .

At last, what finally worked was to DREAM about being at the beach! AHHHH!
Thought crossed my mind to get an ocean sounds CD to sleep to, ha!
Have a Wonderful Day!!!