Saturday, March 12, 2011

Third Day's a Charm!!!

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear . . .

Last night I actually slept well and had no thoughts running through my mind! Hooray! So, I'm refreshed and filled with thoughts of Mosquito Beachwear to share with you . . .
Did you know our no-see-um fabric:
~is very soft to the touch
~is breathable, so you won't sweat like mad on a hike or whatever!
~is very comfortable (you won't want to take it off!)
~it travels well: light and doesn't wrinkle like crazy
~it washes up very easily and line dries so quickly

Did you know we carry beach bags?
~they are handmade by me!
~they are made of sturdy outdoor canvas fabric
~they are colorful & fun, take a look...

Now I'm off to cut & sew some wonderful new pants for Mosquito Beachwear then I need to add fringe to a gorgeous scarf for my etsy. . .

Have a Sensational Day!!!