Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to All!!!

Let's make it a good one!!!
I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful New Year's Day!!!  I'm excited to start 2013 on a happy note.  I realize 2012 wasn't such a great year for many people and I'm so very sorry for that and wish you all a better 2013!  Getting back to that happy note. . . 2012  had many terrific moments for me & my family . . . a new job for my husband, youngest son & Me!!! My oldest son passed his forth big hurdle to become a full fledged PhD candidate in Bio-Medical Science (Pharmacology)!!! We got a  fun new puppy!!! AND enjoyed lots of great travel trips (the highlight being: New Zealand & Australia)!!!  Not a bad year, huh?

New Year's Eve is not one of my favorite nights mostlly because of the strange drunken filled moments that surface.  I guess I look like one of the crazies in this picture taken last year, so all I can say is "Let's start a new and make it a fabulous year!!!"

Have a Vey Happy New Year!!!

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