Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Beautiful Day!!!"

Hello from Mosquito Beachwear,

It's a Beautiful Day, Don't let it get away!!! U2 rocks! What a Great song to think about this Gorgeous Spring Sunday!

Now that we’re into the Spring Season why not think about how to enhance your life with Feng Shui in your garden with these Five Elements:
Wood: the element of springtime! It’s represented by the color green in Feng Shui-the color of life re-emerging after the long cold winter. Wood represents ideas like new beginnings, growth, health & family. To incorporate Wood in your garden use Wooden furniture or containers & plants w/vertical upright habit.
Fire: the element of passion, enthusiasm and illumination. You can add the Fire element to your garden with the color red – flowers, planters & decorative items. (Favorite item: birdfeeder that attracts lively, colorful visitors)
Earth: add serenity and soulful nourishment to your life with the Earth element. Earth gives you a sense of stability and roundedness. You could add ceramic tiles, yellow items & broad horizontal surfaces that evoke a planting field.
Metal: sharpens your thinking, gets organized and brings focus to the future. Bright & shiny object are associated with a sense of childlike joy. For the Metal element add things like pale-colored flowers, archways & silvery gazing balls.
Water: brings a sense of spiritual reflection & flow into your life. Add Water to your garden with fountains or birdbaths, a small pond or meandering stream.
Thank you to "OpenSpaces Feng Shui" for all this wonderful information.

Have a Fantastic Sunday!!!

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